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IS YOUR DOG GONE NUTS? IS HE DRIVING YOU CRAZY? Dog Behaviorist and Expert Trainer Carolyn Georgariou can help. She can correct any behaviors, GUARANTEED!!  The Dog  Expert 
     The Dog Expert, Carolyn Georgariou, Dog Behaviorist Expert Guest with Fox TV's week long Contest Dog Gone Nuts
Carolyn Georgariou,
Dog Behaviorist and Expert Trainer
                  Binghamton, NY    

                                                                                                                                                     Fox TV's
"DogGone Nuts" contest                                                                                                                                                                                                               featuring Carolyn

                                                                                     CLIENT TESTIMONIALS


                                                   Dear Carolyn, we can't thank you enough for helping our family with Jeter.  He is a great dog and companion                                                             because of your efforts at teaching us how to be the pack leaders. Jeter's exuberance and dominance made                                                             for difficult personality traits in our family, where more than one of our children was afraid of him.  We are grateful                                                              to  you for helping Jeter become a great dog and a great fit with our family.  

                                                            We tell everyone about you, we think you are fabulous!
Also, we love day care at Carolyn's, too... Jeter has a whole group of dogs to race and romp with and he especially likes to go  swimming!  Carolyn provides a rich experience for the dogs and if they are behaving in an unmannerly way (even good dogs slip sometimes) Carolyn reminds them of what they have forgotten.  Jeter loves Carolyn's and we do too..  Thanks Carolyn.

Mrs. PJ Dailey and Judge Bill Pelella, Binghamton, NY   April 6, 2010



                                                   Carolyn, Jerry and I can't thank you enough for all you have done and are doing for Tequila.  Although she 
                                                   is only 7 months old now,  we are seeing such improvement  in her demeanor.   We now actually "enjoy" 
  spending  time with  her watching TV and playing,  rather than feeling so frustrated all the time.  You have
                                                   taught us how to be patient and really "connect" with  her.   She looks forward  to her days at Doggie Day 
                                                   Care .   She leaps into the car when we tell her where she is going.   Actually we all look forward to those 
                                                   days, she comes home exhausted and very well adjusted.  Thanks for being our new friend and "teacher". 

                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Maria Motsavage, Binghamton, NY   March 23, 2010



                                                     Carolyn, I just wanted to tell you how well Murphy is doing.    He has made such progress since using the
                                                     techniques you taught us. He's eating peacefully and we all look forward to feeding time.  He's much                                                      calmer when greeting people and is learning the "art" of "hanging out" with us, without  demanding    
                                                     attention.  Murphy seems to have developed a new respect for Mark and I, and he's a completely different                                                      dog.  He loves to be with us and we love to have him around.  I'm sure that some of this is that he's
                                                     maturing a little, but I know he wouldn't be such a wonderful pet if it weren't for you. I so appreciate your
                                                     patience and reassurance as well as your knowledge.

                                                    Thank you again for helping us with Murphy!
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Sandy Stacey, Chenango Forks, NY  Puppy black Lab dog training obedience classes and behaviors during doggy day care and boardingMarch 16, 2010



                                                    We cannot say enough good about the Dog Whisperer, Carolyn Georgariou.  At the time we met her we 
                                                    had two small dogs.  A 13 yr old male and apuppy dog training, during obedience classes, on doggy day care, and dog boarding in Binghamton, NY puppy of six months.  We initally contacted her about the older
                                                    dog who would attack the puppy without provocation.  They were also badly in need of training.
                                                    integrated them into her home routine while we were on vacation.  We never worried about their care
                                                    because we knew they were with someone who genuinely loves animals.

                                                     Her method of training took into account their individual personalities and helped us understand their  
                                                     behavior. Carolyn showed us what to do to eliminate their aggressiveness as well as become well 
                                                     behaved dogs we could be proud of.  We would highly recommend Carolyn's ability to understand and 
                                                     modify any dog's behavioral problems.

                                                                                           Holly Senscig and Diane Schaumberg
, Binghamton, NY  
April 2, 2007


                               Killianpuppy dog training obedience classes and behaviors during doggy day care and boarding

                                                      On May 9, 2007 Larry Sparano, Anchor on Fox 40 News and Carolyn Georgariou, The Dog Expert came 
                                                      to my home to meet Killian and help him to get over his "impulsive behavior". Since the show was
                                                      televised, we have had a lot of queries regarding his progress.


                                                      Prior to his behavior session, breakfast time was very hectic and noisy. Killian would be running in circles
                                                      gaining momentum as feeding time got closer. Mickey figured since killian was excited, he should do
                                                      what he does best, BARK. Now it is a lot calmer, the circling and the barking has stopped. We have good
                                                      days and not so good days, but on the most part Killian only needs a few reminders. Killian also knows that unless he sits, he will not get his bowl and he no longer lurches for the bowl when I put the food down.


The phone ringing is not so good. We have caller ID and it helps me to identify who will understand the phone ringing longer and me picking up but talking to KIllian to be quiet and calm, other (such as Doctors office) just won't understand this at all. We can't be totally consistent but we are not giving up and are still working on this.


We have had a major improvement in going for walks. I walk both of them together and I no longer get tangled in leashes. They both know that when we get to the open field it is free time. When we leave the field they walk behind me on their leash. The pulling, sniffing each blade of grass and trying to go in opposite directions has stopped. Mickey was the one that would start the barking when he saw other dogs or children playing. There has been a great improvement on this also but again, we are still working on it.


In short, when I am asked "did it work?" the answer is absolutely. It does take time and patience but it is worth the effort. I have seen a big improvement in the behavior of both dogs because of this session.


Bob and I want to express our sincere appreciation to Carolyn Georgariou, The Dog Expert, and from Fox 40 News, Larry Sparano, Anchorman and Suh Neubauer, News Director for all they have done to make this experience possible.


Mrs. Jo-Ann Kollar, Apalachin, NY   May 9, 2007



              puppy dog training during obedience classes on doggy day care and boarding in Binghamton,NY                                   

                                             After spending thousands of dollars on  vet  bills  and  trainers,  our dog  was  consistently  getting  worse  and  
                                             worse.  Nobody  was  able  to  help.    His  medical  condition  and  aggression  were  spiraling  out  of  control 
                                             Charlie was on  several  expensive  medications  that  had serious side effects.  Whatever  we  did, only made 
                                             him worse. 
                                             The Dog Expert, was the only "expert" that could help our Charlie.  We saw Carolyn's ad and decided  to give 
                                              it a try one last time.  We were astounded at Carolyn's simple, common sense advice and techniques!!  We                                                were amazed at her understanding of dogs!!!  Much to our surprise, she was the ONLY expert that was  accurately able to immediately identify Charlie's medical problem and gave us the information to very simply eliminate the very cause of the problems!!!    Additionally, she was able to see that the medications the vets were prescribing were making Charlie's aggression much worse!!   

Once we eliminated the causes of Charlie's medical problems, his retraining with Carolyn went super fast!!  She was able to get right to the heart of the problems and it was a like a miracle how quickly everything changed.

Within one week Charlie went from a sick, aggressive, miserable dog to a happy, joyful, healthy friend who clearly feels terriffic!!    He no longer needs any medications, expensive tests and ongoing trips to the vets!!  Now, for the first time in years we can have company over without worrying about whether they would be attacked!!  Charlie loves company now and we can take him anywhere. As Carolyn had told us.... we were now about to meet  the real Charlie for the first time!!!  It's been several months now and Charlie continues to be the perfect dog that we always hoped he could be.  He is in perfect health and just shines!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Carolyn.!!!  We cannot say enough about how you have changed our lives!!!!  We highly recommend you to family and friends all the time!!!    Your professional demeanor, your true understanding of dogs and your sincere kindness and love for animals is clearly evident. 

We would have happily paid 10 times as much as your modest fee and felt we got a great deal!!!

The Smith Family, Binghamton, NY     July 12, 2006



German shepherd during dog boarding for dog training, during doggy day care in group training classes in binghamton, ny                                               Our 5 month old, German Shepherd puppy was highly aggressive. His "rages" were uncontrollable and
                                               bizarre .   We tried everything.  Nothing helped.  We finally called The Dog Expert, Carolyn Georgariou, as a
                                               last resort.  We had already taken Buddy to two trainers with no help. Our vet told us that Buddy may not be
                                               able to be helped and he would have to be put down if we couldn't get his aggression under control.  We 
                                               really didn't think that Carolyn could help us, but, since she guaranteed her work, we felt that it couldn't hurt to
                                               try her.

We hoped that she could at least help us to control him, but, never really believed that she, or anyone for that matter, could actually make him a normal and friendly dog. 

Immediately after working with Carolyn, Buddy turned into the perfect pup!!!  We were completely speechless watching him blossom.  Carolyn knew exactly what was wrong with him and  was immediately  able to turn him around.  She clearly has an intuitive understanding of dogs and immediately identified the problems and and solutions.  Buddy is now a normal, happy and healthy pup.  Mannered and happy around people and other dogs.  Since Carolyn has worked with him he has never once shown any aggression what so ever.  It's as if we have a new dog.  

We love Buddy so very much and we had suffered terribly thinking that he may be beyond help.  We couldn't bring ourselves to even think about putting him to sleep. Yet the stress of constantly worrying about him seriously injuring us or someone else was awful. 

We would highly recommend Carolyn to anyone.  She is the only person that could and did actually help us.  We hold her in the highest regard for her integrity, honesty and understanding of dogs. 

Hiring Carolyn was the greatest investment we ever made.  She changed our lives forever!!!


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Endicott, NY      March 22, 2008



My fiance and I adopted a shepard/lab mix puppy named Jack who
demonstrated aggression issues from the very beginning.  We sought
the help of three different trainers with no luck and were reaching the
end of our rope.  We happened upon an advertisement for "The Dog
Expert" in the Press & Sun Bulletin and gave Carolyn a call.  My initial
conversation with her was a breath of fresh air.  She was so positive
genuine on the phone, and she came to our house to begin working with Jack that very evening.  She spent several hours with him and made us feel that there was hope that he could be cured of his aggression.  Carolyn has continued to follow up with us and Jack since that initial meeting, and she is the most caring, compassionate, kind person that we've met in a long time.  We are so grateful to have met her and we recommend her as a dog behaviorist to anyone who is having problems with their dog.  Out of all the so called "dog experts" in the Southern Tier, Carolyn is the only one that we feel is a true expert.

Two very satisified customers,
Bill West and Doreen Spalter, Apalachin, NY  August, 2007



     Dog Boarding, doggy day care, dog training, dog obedience classes in Binghamton, NY                                             This testimonial (first I have ever written) is dedicated to a woman who is amazing with dogs                                                     Carolyn  Georgariou, The Dog Expert, who came into our lives on July 17, 2008 and changed                                                       our lives forever. 

                                                     My dog, Prince, a Golden Retreiver, was a nightmare to live with.  At 1 1/2 years old he was                                                        uncontrollable.  I would take him on my daily runs for up to two hours and nothing even made a dent in his energy.  His hyperactivity was off the charts and nothing I did could change that.  He would crash through glass windows (and injure himself) and drove friends and family from my home whenever I tried to have company .  He basically destroyed my home by chewing up carpets, furniture, wires and even walls!!   He also would bark uncontrollably.  When he would start barking and nothing on the planet could stop him.  All the training classes we attended didn't make a dent in his crazy behaviors (he even ate the training clickers!!!)  The trainers had no idea what to do with him except to send me to the vet's for medication.   My veteranarian prescribed various meds which didn't help.  It only made the situation worse.

Immediately after calling Carolyn my life changed forever.  Prince is now a fabulous, happy and calm dog.  No more pills, no more crazy behavior.  No more work trying to control an out of control dog.  No more damage to my home and I can once again entertain in my home!!!   Just my sweet, calm and normal dog.    

I only wish we had called Carolyn first and saved a year and a half of frustration and wasted money!!!

Mrs. Robert Miller,  Binghamton, NY   July 29, 2008



Your work is superb. You obviously love dogs and know them very well. I especially like that you teach us how to work with Amica on our own. It takes time for some problems but your expertise instills confidence in us. We were pretty desperate when we first contacted you. And now we have a better dog and she is getting better all the time. I never thought we had someone of your expertise in the area. And we are grateful. You obviously do what is necessary to get results. Your genuine caring for the dogs and their owners is evident in all you do.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Gail Alessi, Vestal, NY   January 24, 2009






Dear Carolyn:    You literally saved Brandy's life!!!    As you know,   we had quite a few problems with her,  the  main one  being  her  aggressiveness  towards Mikey.    We became aware of her aggressiveness  and  Alpha attitude when she  was only a puppy.   We had her fixed at Brandy a young age, with no big difference.  We also felt that she was afraid of many things, litttle children she would cower from.  She would attack our sliding glass door whenever Mikey was on the other side.  And, sharing toys, etc. was NOT in her vocabulary!  We brought her to obedience training, and later agility. 

Being a  very smart dog, she seemed to enjoy these classes and she did quite well.  They did seem to help quite a bit at first.  However, she would resort to her bad habits.  We were at our wits end with her aggressiveness to Mikey!  She growled at him and attacked him more frequently and was becoming unpredictable.  You came to our house a few times to help us with some issues, but it almost seemed that confronting them put her at a higher state of anxiety.  That was when we called you in desperation to come up with a new strategy, or we were seriously thinking of putting her down.

Thank you Thank you!!  Now she seems more relaxed, easier to understand and control.  She still does not like to share, but does somtimes when she lets her guard down.  Mikey is a much happier dog also, he doesn't walk around afraid of her anymore.  She will always be a dog we have to keep "on top of" and not let her think she can run the home, but you have shown her and us how that can be done.  Now the dogs love coming to your house for doggy day care or for overnights and we feel completely relaxed with them being there.  Again, we cannot thank you enough!!

All our Thanks!!

Mr. & Mrs. John and Coralee Keefe,  Chenango Bridge, NY   April 7, 2010        

 More great success stories............

dog training, binghamton, ny dog fear and socialization elkhounds
Kali and Durga

Norweigian Elkhounds
2 years old

 Carolyn was called in to work with Kali and Durga shortly after the clients first adopted them from the breeder at 10 months old.  They were displaying bizarre behaviors.  They were suffering from never being handled by the breeder or being socialized.  They were terrified of everything.  They would sit, huddled together in a corner and if anyone would attempt to approach them they would become paralyzed with fear to the point of wetting themselves.  Since they had no experience with the world in general, even the smallest sound would terrify them and send them running. They were living in a constant state of terror.

The clients were truely committed to helping them.  Because of their love, patience and commitment combined with the rehabilitation work, Kali and Durga are doing great.  

They are also regular visitors to Carolyn's home and very much a part of her pack.  She is so very proud of them.  They are courageous and joyful girls, now filled with curiousity, wonder and calm.  What a dog is supposed to be. 


Caolyn Georgariou, The Dog Expert   January 2008



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Some common dog problems Carolyn specializes in:

        Aggressive towards people            

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Food aggression (guarding) behaviors 
        Jumping and Lunging behaviors
        Biting/Mouthing problems  
        Seperation Anxiety disorder  
Destructive behaviors 
        Hyperactivity behavior
        Aggressiveness towards other dogs/animals
        Not listening or responding to commands

        Obsessive Compulsive behavior  (OCD)
        Potty training behavioral problems
        Barrier Frustration / Claustrophobia
        Digging behavior problems 
        Dominance behaviors
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        Puppy Aversion to Human Touch
        Fear Behaviors 

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